What our customers are saying


All around great. Superb attention to details and great session after session. Each session builds upon the last. I feel with each session she gets to know my body and my individual issues more and more so she can tailor the visit to suit my needs.


Therapeutic Massage

30 Minutes

New to Massage // Chronic Therapy

Great for new comers who have never

received bodywork before or are needing

specific treatment for a chronic issue.


60 Minutes*

*Most Requested // Work & Relax Combo

Gives time for a well balanced massage;

some time to work on an issue and some

time to snooze.


90 Minutes

Extra Time // Perfect In-Between
Tailored to more time towards more

work, more time or relax, or both. Also

is more ideal for those with a larger frame size.


120 Minutes

*Treat Yourself // Full Body Focus

The best for when you or a loved one are

in need some time in a soft, mutual space away from work or home. Also great for

more long term or full body discomforts.


Therapeutic Massage Add-Ons

Paraffin Dip

Deep, penetrating heat to help with sore

joints in the hands and feet. Can be added onto any session.

+$25 (Up-Charge)

Hot Stones

Can be added onto any session.

+$25 (Up-Charge)